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Shoes maintenance supplies:

Maintain the basic supplies have shoes brush, clean oil, shoeshine, cloth, waterproof spray, ect. It is best to use with the brush, and have at least two teams -- big brush, brush shoes overall small details.

1, with big brush lightly brush the whole shoes, see the shoes along the extruding part whether infected with dirt.

2, shoes along or joint etc, with XiaoXie convex parts brush away dirt fine dust.

3, loosen up your shoes, reoccupy clear from the outside XiaoXie brush not see the dirt.

4, squeeze a few clean oil into cloth, besmear is full whole shoes, right now, the most important is to remain in the old shoes shoeshine thoroughly clear coated clean.

5 and get another piece of cloth (not use clean oil with the cloth of mixed), dip a little shoeshine, besmear is full whole shoes. Shoeshine about the quantity of size of can take little finger.

6, besmear is full whole shoes, with a clean soft cloth polished whole shoe. Detail also shall not be careless.

7, finally spray on waterproof mist. Waterproof fog can not only make the shoes to prevent water invasion, it also has not easily infected with dirt effect.


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