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Datang famous fashion shoes, professional manufacturer and developers to old Beijing based on traditional shoes, with characteristics of old Beijing, not only in domestic shoes products with high prestige, but also exported to France, Italy, Britain, Germany, the United States, Canada and Europe market. Tang masters have make industry of first-class product design center in monitoring, exquisite craft across the country are also amorous feelings, formed the unique style of self design and development system.

Tang masters of tang dynasty "gourmet hutongs" series of products, besides traditional classical fashion shoes and shoes, embroider bead embroiders shoes, diamond crystal shoes, hand-painted shoes, leisure shoes, printing, brocade silk cloth shoes are ten series, also developed exercise, shoes, shoe shoe birthday stone, pregnant women shoes, shoe, shoes, respecting the kitchen shoes, more than ten functional shoes, fashion and practical perfect union, amorous feelings and life. Designdiverse, with makings fastidious, the craft is unique, suitable for men, women and children, chun xiaqiu winter.

Datang, committed to the old shoes and modern cozy, completed the old shoes modernization development strategy conception, make this a most can reflect and representatives of the civilization of the ancient traditional long bloom in the new century, new brilliance, satisfy people experience, and meanwhile nostalgic shoes for the industrialization, explored a new path.

Datang, based on the market, operators for investment and scientific market do meticulous work, in order to ensure the project investment, project management, project returns the timeliness and operability, show great culture, brand, quality, price, management, technology, management, service and advantage, its rich and colorful product lines, the international advanced marketing means, outstanding marketing ability, respected investment plan, to become perfect training system for Chinese investors will provide the ensurance to be consistently profitable. Everywhere, setting up prominently.
Leonardo Da Vinci once said that the human feet is a masterpiece of engineering and a full of artistic breath. So used to protect shoes nature is the artist's work. In Toronto, Canada has a beta shoes museum, collected about twelve more shoes, sandals from the era of ancient Egypt, to the rococo age delicate showily satin shoes, arrive again recently, the collection across thousands of years of history.

Too many shoes to regular exhibition

Beta shoes museum established in 1995, is located in downtown Toronto LuErXi cloth on the street. When the reporter is four theme exhibition. The underground layer is a fixed exhibition, the theme is the shoes. Second and third respectively have the rococo age exhibition shoes and collection exhibition, etc. Because too many shoes, the exhibition will not change regularly theme, let visitors in each pair of seeking hidden from different countries and different cultural background of the story behind the shoes.

In the underground shoes, recounting history of mankind and shoes, the story in close contact with different colour and lustre shoe shape pairs in the world witnessed the position of each dynasty. The museum, the oldest shoes from ancient Egypt, from the kingdom of Thebes in large-scale mining, four thousand years ago, the palm leaves and grass. The collection of the thousands of years old shoes, most are from ancient Egypt and the Middle East, because these local climate is dry, items, so also suitable to corrupt preserved shoes.

In most of the shoe is on display here of ancient civilization, the function is not only many shoes to wear, sometimes is the symbol of the religion,. For example, there are double external use colored beads of boots, top is a face, two birds in the middle. The boots are African yoruba princes, these elaborately knitting is only for decoration, but yoruba symbol of power.
Released in 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 was the first sneaker designed to reveal Nike Air Max technology. This innovative cushioning system was developed by Marion Frank Rudy, an independent inventor, and picked up by Phil Knight despite being turned down by Adidas. The Air Max 1 also debuted with a nylon/synthetic upper that provided support and breathability. To this day, the Air Max 1 still remains a very popular sneaker and is available in numerous color combinations/materials.


Air Max cushioning has been used in shoes for almost all sports by now including basketball, cross training, golf, casual shoes, sandals, tennis, etc; however the "Nike Air Max" is always a running shoe. An example of a basketball shoe would be "Air Max Uptempo."  The Nike Air Max shoes are second to none for performance and style of all running shoes. The Nike Air Max shoes were first released nearly 20 years ago and have been a favorite of many. Though a little premature of the 20th anniversary, Nike launched its latest marvel, along with a History of Air Max package to celebrate the technology and accomplishments of the Nike Air Max shoes.
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