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Shoes maintenance supplies:

Maintain the basic supplies have shoes brush, clean oil, shoeshine, cloth, waterproof spray, ect. It is best to use with the brush, and have at least two teams -- big brush, brush shoes overall small details.

1, with big brush lightly brush the whole shoes, see the shoes along the extruding part whether infected with dirt.

2, shoes along or joint etc, with XiaoXie convex parts brush away dirt fine dust.

3, loosen up your shoes, reoccupy clear from the outside XiaoXie brush not see the dirt.

4, squeeze a few clean oil into cloth, besmear is full whole shoes, right now, the most important is to remain in the old shoes shoeshine thoroughly clear coated clean.

5 and get another piece of cloth (not use clean oil with the cloth of mixed), dip a little shoeshine, besmear is full whole shoes. Shoeshine about the quantity of size of can take little finger.

6, besmear is full whole shoes, with a clean soft cloth polished whole shoe. Detail also shall not be careless.

7, finally spray on waterproof mist. Waterproof fog can not only make the shoes to prevent water invasion, it also has not easily infected with dirt effect.
I just a pair of comfortable and beautiful shoes. Sound like granted, if can more want a pair is unrealistic desire vanity. Gradually just know, how many women, in the daytime see beautiful shoes, night dreaming occurs busy for them with clothes.

Manolo Blahnik emperor of high-heeled shoes said: "a pair of high-quality shoes, is fashionable dress up foundation." However, if you stand up, balance and still surplus, of course must be loyal to his be fond of, enjoy comfortable foot feeling and others envy first-class eyes. Only experience, we can understand the keys, ability is qualified rated.

The choose and buy time: Sunday afternoon in the afternoon because foot will slightly expansion, then choose do will look most comfortable. Try, please believe that the "first foot" feeling, must comfortable, without oppressive feeling to just go. In addition, namely is special person if "test" to very comfortable good shoes, you might as well to buy several pairs.

Daily care of shoes


A simple routine care, can make shoes look as new and longer life.
1, wearing a pair of shoes the next day as far as possible, because after a long day wearing shoes will sweat moisture inside the shoe, so the home should be placed in a cool place to dry shoes to prevent the breeding of bacteria.
2, usually wearing shoes, the application of shoes, cloth or soft brush to dust, heel shoes are the gaps and the location, you can use a pointed brush erase the dust and then put into a shoe tree, to prevent deformation of shoes, without shoes support, can be placed in the newspaper instead.
3, the regular use of wipe cream the same color leather shoes, so expected to remain glowing skin, avoid the use of liquid shoe polish.
4, to the shoes on the shoe cream, shoe cream to avoid directly applied to the skin surface, should be applied to shoes, shoes, cloth or brush.
5, and keep shoes dry, store in cool, ventilated place, in particular, wet or damp shoes, put a little moisture can be kept the ball in their shoes.
6, if the shoes get wet, dry cloth should absorb the water shoes, and then placed in the shade, let shoes dry naturally, do not put wet shoes on the sun exposure, air-conditioning next to or hairdryer dry, otherwise it will burst phenomenon.
7, cleaning shoes, washing time and exposure to chemical solvents hanged.
8, all the metal parts on the uppers, dry cloth to be used, such as the wet conditions and high salt environment, can cause oxidation.
Shoe care
Each shoe has a different material, so require different methods of care and the use of appropriate care.
1, patent leather, bright skin, light skin pearl
Patent leather: you can wipe with a wet cloth. Liangpi: wipe with a wet cloth or shoes, light coating of wax. Pearl Light skin: Wipe the unit gently with a transparent shoe cream
2, Beijing, leather, horse hair and velvet
Gently rub with a soft hair away stains, do not forget to wipe to the same Fangxiang Shun, to makes the texture smooth. Beijing skin should rub with a raw rubber and cleaning products to remove stains, but not shoe cream.
3, cowhide, sheepskin
Cream shoes and shoes with high quality cloth to remove dirt, a little harder with the shoes, cloth wipe in the upper back and forth so that the upper light.
4, raw silk
Shoes with a damp cloth to remove stains, well-ventilated place to dry.
C, the correct wearing habits
A pair of good shoes, except for its maintenance, the proper wearing habits can improve the durability of leather shoes.
1, the experience is not easy to put on new shoes when not reluctantly drawn shoes should be used.
2, take off your shoes, do not stepping on the heel, in order to avoid the heap with the phenomenon.
3, to avoid the case in the following improper wearing leather shoes; rain, sport climbing, snow, sand, wet ground, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, rough terrain.

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