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The basic structure of a shoe leather shoes: by the skeleton (from within, the heart, and the Lord hardened in baotou edgefold with composition) outsole and heel four parts structure. Leather shoes of various components of the installation is carrier, is the cornerstone of leather structure. Hook soul bows, hold the feet and convenient movement function of bearing, Within the protection of baotou toes and fixed toe function, The pillar of the shoes with is.
Note: do you shoes made the cut fabrics apply, the edgefold edgefold in the shoetree, nail fixed on the shop in the bottom after forming, again, the oven with accessories, inspection.
Second, the basic knowledge of shoes: used for the main natural edgefold boots leather and synthetic two categories.
(a) natural leather is called the leather, leather, goat, main pigskin, snakeskin, alligator, an ostrich, horses etc, which are mainly divided into three types of fabrics:
1, whole face to face for the natural leather, leather leather: refers to the natural grain reserves face pattern, without any modification, embossed leather, high-grade leather in. As a commander grain, fingers gently a shoe, can appear very natural according to the surface, like our own pattern is very soft skin, permeability is very good.
2, grain leather face: to process, the animals of the original made light leather, leather leather act the role ofing to the surface by embossing, coated finishing layer to make up for its shortcomings, can be divided into light, repairing and rebuild. 1 fix in light of grain to face a good grains finishing thin, watch carefully and whole face no difference in pore, looks very fuzzy, good permeability. 2 thick finished repairing refers to the pore, fingers and face is not clear, permeability. 3 to rebuild the finger without pore, permeability.
Results: three, or say is sanded skin, soft leather in the process of the leather either positively or negatively as surface, basically use downy burnish and special machine, a soft, fine permeability.
Third, leather knowledge:
(a) cowhide: can generally be divided into cattle leather, leather, yak leather water, before two kinds. Ox skin is meticulous grain, it's natural pores; an irregular: Water than the ox skin pores leather, leather fibre also slightly rough, usually used to do bags.
1, small cowhide lines: fine, fine, the appearance of high-grade, pore is extremely flexibility for high-grade shoes.
2, paint surface light, light leather: a soft, has obvious grain.
3, polishing, leather leather surface light: a hard, good color and luster, no grain.
4, embossed leather surface layer, decorative pattern, have cubic feeling.
5 and the soft leather face: mosha is burnish and into.
6, butter has a layer of skin: face film.
7 and waxing skin: dirty water easily, angry, more for shoes.
8, soft skin: soft and comfortable, not changeful form.

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