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1, Carefully using a soft bristle brush or nylon MaoShun according to the surface adhesion shoes. Dirt When necessary, can brush with a first the chamois leather cleaner or fashionable shoes and cleaning Keats.
2, After the shoe stable dry naturally, prevent sun direct illuminate.

Slippery leather
1, first use clean soft cloth (with) the best white small Leather Shoes clean Keats, should Cleaner on vamp lightly wipe clean, remove dirt.
2, In another piece of clean soft cloth of the amount of the leather care cream evenly coated on vamp (only thin coated, avoid excessive weight, or cloth of excessive ointment order to), the grain polished.

3, As stubborn dirt deposition (e.g. oil product), can be a part of the unclean product not only wet (Shoes), then use the Leather Shoes does Keats should clean and soft brush to remove dirt, and then to accumulate towel dry cloth or thick Shoes, stable after natural dry, prevent sun direct illuminate.
Natural fiber or synthetic fiber making shoes
With the Shoes will be soaked, clean Shoes and Shoes does Keats soft brush dirt, water cleaning after dry towel or thick cloth Shoes, stable after natural dry, but avoid direct sunlight.

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