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I just a pair of comfortable and beautiful shoes. Sound like granted, if can more want a pair is unrealistic desire vanity. Gradually just know, how many women, in the daytime see beautiful shoes, night dreaming occurs busy for them with clothes.

Manolo Blahnik emperor of high-heeled shoes said: "a pair of high-quality shoes, is fashionable dress up foundation." However, if you stand up, balance and still surplus, of course must be loyal to his be fond of, enjoy comfortable foot feeling and others envy first-class eyes. Only experience, we can understand the keys, ability is qualified rated.

The choose and buy time: Sunday afternoon in the afternoon because foot will slightly expansion, then choose do will look most comfortable. Try, please believe that the "first foot" feeling, must comfortable, without oppressive feeling to just go. In addition, namely is special person if "test" to very comfortable good shoes, you might as well to buy several pairs.

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