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There are three main types of leather method:
The first kind is according to the types of animal skins, such as cows, pigs, sheep leather, leather leather, etc.
The second is the end-use, such as shoes with leather, leather industry in such (see chart).
The third one is processing method, according to the light, such as heavy as, for example, results category
According to the classification of leather shoes with USES instep leather, shoes, shoe leather
Clothing, leather garment skirt outfit with leather, leather tie
Hand of leather gloves leather glove, civil, sports gloves leather
Box skin, soft leather hard cases, leather leather
Elisha sent a civil sofa leather, leather leather car seat
Sports with leather, football, basketball, volleyball, leather
Installed with leather fittings and saddlery leather
Leather belt leather belt son, shoes, leather strap
Leather belt, industrial used for spindle, aprons, gas meter, wipe filtering leather
Other with leather decorative leather, leather, with HuQinGe drum

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