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NBA nearly $18m contract expires, the attraction large enough, every NBA wants to reduce payroll, dump some big contract teams are willing to put yao's contract took it, and at present there are five or six teams launched on yao's pursuit of offensive.

For instance the sixers, they already wished to get rid of the two big YiGeDaLa brand + contracts; For example, air max, nike air max two big contract obviously hinders their plans for reconstruction yesterday, Houston chronicle reporter fagan gives own trade and a proposal: use NBA + air max + add head for nuggets, nene hilario + Chauncey billups. Fagan think, for the rockets are concerned, get nene such center in the long run is beneficial, and veteran Chauncey billups has championship experience, also have extraordinary organizational ability.

Rockets can take advice and fans yao + Nike + Jordan hill in exchange for the cavaliers, Anderson varejao + jamison + Gibson. However, yao next station where the devil, everything will see morey and adelman can liking for who offer

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