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Different types of leather, its characteristics and USES are also different. Such as the cow leather face, high strength, The sheep leather, thin and soft light, Pig leather air through water performance is good, etc. So, how do we distinguish these simple material?

ZhuGe: leather surface of pore bulky, the tilt into leather. The arrangement for three pores, a group of present many small triangular pattern

NiuGe: cattle leather and leather are called NiuGe buffalo, but they also have certain differences. Cattle leather surface pores, straight to round out the leather, pore closely and uniform, irregular, like stars. Buffalo leather surface of pore bulky pore, than cattle leather, with cattle leather is flabby, leathery than yellow leather meticulous plump.

MaGe: leather surface hair also oval than older cattle leather pores, arrangement more rules.

The sheep leather, leather grain pore, pore is clear, flat a few has arranged in.

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