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Now many consumers in purchasing outdoor shoe, to attach great importance to the quality of shoes after a pair of shoes is spent outdoors, a small sum of money, but in the outdoor climbing hiking, a pair of shoes in quality is very important. This leads to a problem: the classification of shoe outdoor use. Just outdoor shoe, with its functions, can be divided into five major series:

1, alpine series (also called heavy climbing boots)

This series of boots on snow and design for XueDe, Vibram usually adopts steel lining Skywalk or bottoms, impact resistance, strong, can install and ice, high boots, general design help in 20cm, above is hard plastic resin boots or thick leather, goat, lined with warm shoe covers, sewing to severe snow, ice complex topography, rock, can effectively protect the mixture of your feet.

2 and low mountain series (also called heavy climbing shoes)

This kind of shoe is used below target at 6000 meters above the mountain climbing, BingBi or snow mixed rock with wear-resisting rubber soles, Vibram (in) between Skywalk or bottoms of organic carbon, bottom line, very hard and strong impact has enough support to climb, the vamp thickening (3 mm above) the whole piece cowhide or sheepskin sewing, in order to strengthen GoreTex commonly waterproof breathable effect, SympaTex or made between the insulation lining,. High above the edgefold usually in complex terrain 15cm conditions can effectively protect double damage reduction, part design has no fixed, crampons structure of usable experienced crampons structure. Hiking boots than heavy light, crampons walk than heavy climbing boots to comfort.

3 (also called through series, medium mountaineering shoes)

This series of design goal for low mountains and valleys, desert and gobi relatively complicated topography, the adaptation of long distance weight hiking. This kind of shoes also belong to the structure characteristics of high altitude for shoes, usually for 13 edgefold - 15cm, with strong support, can effectively protect ankle bone damage reduction. Choose wear-resisting rubber soles, some excellent brand in the soles and bottom plate design of nylon have support, to enhance the hardness of the shoe, can not only effectively prevent the sole deformation, and still can increase rigidity. Vamp often choose medium thickness head - plykraft, sheep or leather shoes, leather face mix for super wear-resistant parts choose du Cordura fabric series, low mountains, compared with less than the mountains series, flexibility is good. In order to solve the problem, the most models choose waterproof lining GoreTex materials, also some YouPi use waterproof, this kind of shoes could in the talus walking in the rain water or below.

4 and hiking series:

Hiking is used in the comparison of outdoor sports. Design goal for short weight in the lighter hiking, applicable to the mountain, the jungle is gentle, general outing or camping activities. This kind of shoes design features, protect 12cm edgefold below the ankle. Wear-resistant and bottom wear-resisting rubber with micro porous foaming and double encryption rubber, plastic powder brand high-grade hadadezer, good resistance to impact and damping effect, have the leather, leather edgefold leather face or mixed materials. Part GoreTex lining design, also have some models do not water. In the light of the advantage for shoes, soft and comfortable, good permeability. In the complex terrain not walking in the environment should be better for shoes, shoe high help.

5 and hiking series:

Outdoor shoe hiking series usually also called for shoes, the shorter design goal for the load and often dressed in motion. Wear-resisting rubber outsole that you always worry about the sole use of, wear will affect the elastic medium bottom can reduce the impact of face and feet to the foot weight can alleviate pressure, high-grade short help shoes would usually has keel design, can effectively prevent the sole deformation, enhancing support. Deflation vamp design makes you feel shoes like long on their feet. This kind of shoe leather surface or nylon used with net surface texture, lighter, a pair of shoes, and insufficient often 400g good flexibility, in some European countries, this series is the most commonly used, is the most popular one species.
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