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Datang famous fashion shoes, professional manufacturer and developers to old Beijing based on traditional shoes, with characteristics of old Beijing, not only in domestic shoes products with high prestige, but also exported to France, Italy, Britain, Germany, the United States, Canada and Europe market. Tang masters have make industry of first-class product design center in monitoring, exquisite craft across the country are also amorous feelings, formed the unique style of self design and development system.

Tang masters of tang dynasty "gourmet hutongs" series of products, besides traditional classical fashion shoes and shoes, embroider bead embroiders shoes, diamond crystal shoes, hand-painted shoes, leisure shoes, printing, brocade silk cloth shoes are ten series, also developed exercise, shoes, shoe shoe birthday stone, pregnant women shoes, shoe, shoes, respecting the kitchen shoes, more than ten functional shoes, fashion and practical perfect union, amorous feelings and life. Designdiverse, with makings fastidious, the craft is unique, suitable for men, women and children, chun xiaqiu winter.

Datang, committed to the old shoes and modern cozy, completed the old shoes modernization development strategy conception, make this a most can reflect and representatives of the civilization of the ancient traditional long bloom in the new century, new brilliance, satisfy people experience, and meanwhile nostalgic shoes for the industrialization, explored a new path.

Datang, based on the market, operators for investment and scientific market do meticulous work, in order to ensure the project investment, project management, project returns the timeliness and operability, show great culture, brand, quality, price, management, technology, management, service and advantage, its rich and colorful product lines, the international advanced marketing means, outstanding marketing ability, respected investment plan, to become perfect training system for Chinese investors will provide the ensurance to be consistently profitable. Everywhere, setting up prominently.

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